Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BIG barramundi

The barramundi ( Lates Calcarifer ) is also known as Silver Barramundi, Barra, Palmer Perch, Giant Perch, and ( incorrectly ) Nile Perch.
Barramundi fishing is so popular with sport fishers because of the Barramundi's - justified - reputation of being a great fighter. High leaps, strong runs, and an uncanny ability to get off the hook, no matter how safely you thought you had them...All in all, Barramundi fishing means thrills and action.
To experience that thrill however you have to get the basics right. Luckily Barramundi aren't fussy eaters. They love live bait (mullet is popular) but also respond very well to all kinds of lures and even take dead bait.
Large minnow-type lures work well in the shallows. Around snags lures that get down to two to four metres can be very effective and they also work well for trolling big rivers. The noisy popper or fizzer style lures work too, and are good for night fishing. What is becoming very popular with anglers here are the newer soft plastic lures, so they must be popular with the Barramundi.
The colour of the lure is up to the angler. You like red and white? Go for red and white...
You can also go Barramundi fishing with heavier fly gear (but I don't know much about fly fishing, I just know you can catch Barramundi that way.)
Barra are around all year, but they hang out in different places at different times of the year, and they are definitely more plentiful during the warmer summer months.
You need to put in a bit more effort if you want to land a big one during the dry. The colder the water the harder it gets.

Pictures of barramundi anglers from around the world..

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