Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Duyung @ MERMAID Episode 7

Take a look at this bunch of scary mermaids. are they real or fake ? Well, mermaids are supposedly half fish, half human creatures who live in the sea and lure by sick sailors by the death. They are creatures of myth and legend going back thousand of years. But do they really exist ?
They was a tradition a long time ago of manufacturing fake mermaid carcasses for public display out of the body parts and dead monkeys and fish. The photographs you have just seen exemplify such hoaxes. The most famous hoax was the Fiji Mermaid displayed by P.T. Barnum above.
Barnum's mermaid was really an artifact purchased secondhand by the great showman in the mid-1800s and exhibited throughout the United Stated as a carnival attraction. Yet another specimen still in existence was fabricated in Japan and said to be 1,400 years old.

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